Agriculture Compost Turning Equipment


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Feature of fermentation turning machine1. This compost turner machine can be used in many occassions. and it has shredding function after the fermentation of materials. The overall structure has good rigidness and reliable performance.2. It can be used with solar fermentation. fermentation tank and mobile machine. etc. The mobile machine can realize more slot machine used one turner machine. Fermented tank can realize material be a continuous discharge and bulk discharge. 3. Compost typically needs to be turned every few weeks. depending on the rate of decomposition in a compost pile. and some people amend their compost with straw when they turn it. using the straw to create additional air pockets for the bacteria.Application of fermentation turning machine1. This machine is kind of machine for organic fertilizer production line. It is suitable for the turning and fermentation of organic waste. such as. sludge waste. sugar mill filter mud. bad slag cake and straw sawdust.2. Widely used in the fermentation composting and removal of moisture operations of organic fertilizer. fertilizer. sludge dumps. horticulture course and Mushroom cultivation factory.3. It can be used with solar fermentation. fermentation tank and mobile machine. etc. And mobile machine can realize more slot machine used in function.4. Fermented and its supporting material can also be a continuous bulk discharge.5. High efficiency. smooth operation. strong and durable. even turning throw.6. Centralized control cabinet. can achieve the manual or automatic control function7. Equipped with soft starter. start-up impact load is low8. Equipped with a pull out tooth hydraulic lifting system.9. Limit travel switch. play the role of safe and limit.Fermentation turning machine could product Raw material classification Specific application Livestock manureChicken. duck. rabbit. pig. cow etcPond sludgeFish pond. shrimp pond. Loach pond etcFood processing remaining wasteFungus food plantation waste. beer trough. starch trough. rice bran trough etc.bean dregs. pond dregs. fruit residue.sauce residue etc.OthersGardening waste. mud scum.straw etcMain technical parametersModelFJ6000×1050FJ6000×1350Matched power(kw)25.7441.5working speed(m/h)5050No-load speed(m/h)100100Fermentation tank size Width×height(mm)6000×10506000×1050Overall dimensions(mm)6670×3920×27406700×4800×3200Raising the height of stirring teeth34004500Company informationZhengzhou Tianci Heavy Machine Co.. Ltd. focuses on particle manufacturing machine from 2000. We are a factory with technicians. workers. domestic and foreign sales people.Now we products organic fertilizer production line. NPK fertilizer production line. compound fertilizer production line. BB fertilizer production line and other related machines needed in production line. such as crusher. mixer. granulation machine. dryer. cooling machine.screener. coating. automatic packaging. belt conveyor.Our advantages:1.Main products: compound and organic fertilizer granulator. mixer. belt conveyor. dryer. screening machine. dewatering machine. crusher. weighing packaging machine. etc.2.Designated production enterprise by Agriculture Department3.We account for 80% market shares in compound and bio-organic fertilizer manufacturing filed in China.4.Processional Research and Development team5.Strict quality control system6.We provide competitive prices. reliable quality products and swift delivery time.7.Exported to more than 30 countries in Africa. South America. Mid East. Central America and other area. such as. India. Korea. Australia. etc.Our Pre-sale Service:1.Offering comprehensive technical and business consultation services;2.Proposing th e most suitable scheme and equipment for our clients;3.Designing and fabricating targeted products according to the special requirements of clients;4.Training periodically high qualified service technician.FAQ:1.Are you manufacturer or trade company  We are a professional manufacturer for producing fertilizer process machines and related machine(granulator. crusher. mixer. packing. feeding machines and conveyor belt) etc.2.How about the delivery time    It can be shipped immediately for the machine in stock.and 5-7days for the machine out of stock3.How long is the guarantee    Warranty for 12 months without artificial and deliberate damage.4.How should to do if  I meet some trouble while using    The English manual book and video will be provide for showing how to resolve the problems.     if necessary. we will dispatch our engineer to your factory.5. Do you provide the installation service after ordering your machines     As for the single machine. we provide the users instruction and operation video.    As for the production line.we provide the professional construction drawing. and arrange the       engineer guide the user install the machines.Help the user train the skilled workers.6.Can we visit your factory for machine testing operations     We warmly welcome the clients to visiting our factory for trying machine.7.Can we see some fertilizer plant with your machine    We can take the customer to visit fertilizer plants with our equipment.Contact me
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