Anon Price for Mini Tractor Potato Agricultural Harvester on Sale in Africa / South America


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The product has good performance and high efficiency. Mainly used for harvesting potatoes. garlic. sweet potatoes. carrots. peanuts and other underground rhizome crops. The utility model has the advantages of high harvesting efficiency. no skin damage. seedling harvesting. light running. no vibration. no clogging of grass. quick leakage. simple structure and long service life. National patent products. domestic first. The main thing is that our machinery can directly extract the residual film from the soil without affecting the growth of the next quarter of the crop!High strength. abrasion resistant and tensile resistant conveyor belt. single conveyor belt can withstand 8 tons of tensile force. The chain is made of 60 silicon and two manganese material. The steel bar is connected with steel material and has large elasticity and will never bend. Special design joint. a top five. longer service life; high precision seal bearing. anti wear rubber wheel. never enter the earth; vibrate wheel adopts German technology. sturdy and durable; add ditching shovel. add quantity without price. let your potato lay. All of our accessories are made of laser cutting machine standard parts. the axis of high heart. the most standard domestic materials. the most advanced domestic processing equipment. the most professional technology. for your potato harvest escort. Dimensions(LXWXH)1930X1100X990mmWeight303kgsComplement3 points suspensionAuxiliary Power20-35hp four wheels tractorProductivity(mu/h)3.5Drive shaft speed(r/min)360Working depth(cm)20-30Working width(cm)60-85Ridge distance90-120Grain rate99.50%

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