Calf Housing for Calves Sheep and Goats. Calf Hutch

Calf Housing For Calves Sheep and Goats . Calf Hutch Material of Plastic Calf Hutch For Dairy Farm: Poly Ethylene Features of Calf Hutch For Dairy Farm:1. Resistance to high temperature and low temperature;2. Resistance to acid and alkali3. Not easy to corrode. at least 30 years using life;4. Removable;5. Available for choice of bucket. cattle bottle. feeding bucket and fence etc. Advantages of Calf Hutch For Dairy Farm:1)Healthy calvesA. Pneumonia. scours and other diseases could be virtually eliminated;  The mortality rates would be improved; and then the economic performance would be improved;B. It could help in reducing drug use and vets bills. saving cost;C. It would help produce well-grown. healthy and profitable calves;2)Optimum living conditionsA. One clean. dry and well ventilated living place. drinking water freely.B. Spacious room. free moving;C. Offering a moderate temperature in different seasons;D. Could be outdoor feeding;3)Easy to useA. It can be moved and cleaned very easily;B. The straw usage will be reduced;C. It is easy to manage. no need planning permission;D. Observing the calf health is more convenient;E. Front door is fully opening. easily access;4)Good investmentA. Not easy to corrode and crack;B. Long time use life;C. Broad market prospects; Technical Data of Plastic Calf Hutch For Dairy Farm:Model SIZE AVAILABLESIZE AVAILABLESIZE AVAILABLEDimension1500x1200x1200mm2200x1200x1400mm2500x1600x1400mmMaterialPoly EthylenePoly EthylenePoly EthyleneThickness4-5mm4-5mm4-5mmWeight36kg42kg60kgQTY/20FT Container75pcs65pcs35pcsQTY/40HP Container170pcs117pcs52pcs Applications of Calf Hutch For Dairy Farm:The best shelter(calf housing) for calves. sheep and goats. Competitive Advantage of Calf Hutch For Dairy Farm:1.Certificate: ISO9001: 200. ISO9001-2008 certificate;2.Warranty: one year warranty;3.Wide range cows farm equipment: headlock. free stall and hutch;4.Reliable products

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