Concentrated Juice Production Line

Concentrated juice production lineApplicationThis plant is a nonstandard plant. all the machines are designed according to buyer's request of capacity. final products and so on.It is used to produce paste. juice and concentrated juice such as apple. tomato. peach. pear. orange. apricot etc...Features1. AdjustabilityThis plant a flexible one basing on our years experience in this field. there are many machines can be replaced for different fruit. E. G. In apple and pear juice production we use belt fruit presser. but in orange juice production we have to use cup fruit presser.2. ProgressThe control system using PLC or computer. the main machines we adopt the the most advanced ones in China. on the premise of protect the quality and nutriment of products. we simplify the whole plant to achieve high robotization. energy conservation andnlabour economizing.3. Various products outputThis plant is designed to produce many kinds of products. such as pulps. paste. turbid juice. clear juice and concentrated juice. it can collects the flavoring agent in the fruit as a single product or add into juice. The seeds and scrap will discharge automatically. as materials for further production.Nameoption  A  option  Boption  CWasherSpraying  washer  Bubbling  washerUltrasonic  washerSeletorBelt  selectorNet  selector Crusher  &   presserCup  presserBelt  presserCold  pulping  machineSeparatorRotary  separatorPlate  separatorUltrafiltration  machineHomogenizerColloid  mill Homogenizer EvaporatorForced  recycling  evaporator2-effect  evaporator3-5  effect  evaporatorSterilization  machinePipe  sterilization  machineUHT  machine Filling  machineHot  filling  machineCold  filling  machine   Accessory  EquipmentCIP  systemSemi-automatic  CIPAutomatic  CIP Water  treatment  system Provided  by  buyerBoiler   Provided  by  buyer

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