Design Poultry Housing Systems for Layer Hens


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A full set of equipment using 275 mg of zinc-plated material. the use of traditional cleaning agents and disinfectants have a very important anti-corrosion effect. the service life of up to 10-15 years. pay attention to product quality. low maintenance costs;Waterline. bolts. pick up eggs. bearings and other components made of standard parts --- easy to replace when maintenance;Equipment to produce the least noise. reducing stress response in chickens;Galvanized wire diameter greater than or equal to 2.5mm. to prevent the use of the network after a period of sagging phenomenon to ensure the ruggedness of equipment;Equipment using traction feeding mechanism. low cost. feeding evenly. automatic feeding to reduce labor;Standardization module division. to achieve faster nuclear prices and customers easier to choose;Equipment design level has the same level with the great shepherd;1.Poultry layer cages are manufactured with anti-corrosive galvanized steel and wire cage partitions. providing the hygienic and clean environment for layers.2. Higher stocking density. greater egg production and cost saving.3. Easy cleaning and installation. low maintenance and little manure marks.
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