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High quality Crusher bean herb grinder machine price manufacturersBrief introduction of crusher grinderThe grinder is 304 stainless steel. mainly used in chemical materials . medicines containing roots . braches and masive class materials .a varies of food is not high oil content . whole grains and other hard brittle materialsApplication : Grinding raw materialCorn. rice. ginger. chili. pepper. oil. wheat. soy. anise. cinnamon. dehydrated vegetables. hawthorn. ginger. onion. garlic. onion. carrot. soybean meal. vegetable fiber. starch. . fish meal. flavors and fragrances. chitin. cabbage. food categories. shrimp. spices. spices. ginseng. American ginseng. agricultural products. yam. Moreover. spinach). chemicals (dyes. pigments. paints. pesticides. white carbon. carbon black superfine low hardness materials diatomaceous earth. bentonite. ceramic glaze). pharmaceuticals. feed. calcium carbonate. herbs and other smash Working principleRelatively high speeds and use activities chainring between fixed gear plate . so that was crushed by booth plate impact . friction and collision between the material and get crushed  . crushed material can be discharged directly from the grinding chamber . through the discharge port out .after crushing the material into a bag of small perforations out. not the fine powder discharge . which play no waste . no pollution effects . thickness can be adjust by switching different number of screen.1. Feeding hopper: receiving materials and stable feeding into the machine.2. Grinding plate cover: Covering the grinding plate and prevent hurting.3. Outlet: Usually we equiped with a bag to collect the final powder materials.4. Motor: supply power for the grinder.5. Locker: locking the plate of the machine.6. Grinding plate: the inner structure of the grinding plate. stable structure and performance.Main Data of crusher grinderCrusher grinder without Dust Colletcor ModelCapacity(kg/h)Power(kw)Rotatuion speed(rpm)Material limit(mm)Fineness(mesh)SF1302-51.1700010*10*1010-140SF18010-302.2450010*10*1010-140SF25050-2505.5420010*10*1010-140SF32080-3007.5420010*10*1010-140Crusher grinder with Dust Colletcor ModelCapacity(kg/h)Power(kw)Rotation Speed(rpm)Material limit(mm)Fineness(mesh)Dust collector power(kw)20B60-1505.545006*6*610-1401.5kw30B100-3007.5380010*10*1010-1401.5kw40B160-80011340012*12*1210-1401.5kw

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