Mini Hand Push Manual Garden Vegetable Seeder for Carrots/Onions Seeds


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hot sale hand push manual vegetable seederIt's a high precision seed metering device.can reach one hole one seed or one hole multiseeds according to the customer's request;the distance between hills and the depth are adjustable also.Suitable for seeds: Carrots. turnips . beets. onions. taro. spinach. asparagus. sesame. lettuce. celery. cabbage. Chinese cabbage. potherb mustard. rapeseed. pepper. broccoli. soybean and other kind of small particles of vegetables and herbs seeds.OUR VEGETABLE SEEDER IN CANTON FAIR:simple.complete ditching.seeding.covering.repression at one time.When the planter goes forward it can sow.and it doesn't sow when the machine goes backward.reducing the waste of seeds.

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