OMR/Bmr 160cc Orbit Hydraulic Motor for Tractor


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OMR/BMR 160cc Orbit Hydraulic Motor for Tractor Description:Hydraulic orbit Motor is one type of high torque low speed hydraulic motors. with high efficiency and long life. BM motor has a wide speed range. high starting torque and rotating stable at high speed compact and light. It can be connected to working machine directly. adapted to all kinds of low speed heavy load facilities. Mounting Data:Flange:2: 2-Ø13.5Rhomb-flange. pilot Ø82.5×84: 4-Ø13.5Rhomb-flange. pilot Ø82.5×8H4: 4-3/8-16 Square-flange. pilot Ø44.4×2.8H5: 4-M10 Square-flange. pilot Ø44.4×2.8Shaft:A: Shaft Ø25.parallel Key 8x7x32C: Shaft Ø25.4.parallel Key 6.35x6.35x31.75E: Shaft Ø25.4.splined tooth SAE 6BR: Short shaft Ø25.4.parallel key 6.35x6.35x31.75B: Shaft Ø32.parallel Key 10x8x45F: Shaft Ø31.75.splined tooth 14-DP12/24FD: Long shaft Ø31.75.splined tooth 14-DP12/24G: Shaft Ø31.75.parallel Key 7.96x7.96x31.75T: Cone-Shaft Ø28.56.parallel Key B5x5x14Ports and Drain Port:D: G1/2 Manifold Mount 4-M8. G1/4 M: M22×1.5 Manifold Mount 4-M8. M14×1.5S: 7/8-14 O-ring manifold 4-5/16-18UNC. 7/16-20UNFP: 1/2-14 NPTF Manifold 4-5/16-18UNC. 7/16-20UNFR: PT(Rc)1/2 Manifold 4-M8. PT(Rc)1/4 Main Specifications:Technical data for BMR with 25 and 1 in and 1 in splined tapered shaft:TypeBMRBMRS36BMRBMRS50BMRBMRS80BMRBMRS100BMRBMRS125BMRBMRS160BMRBMRS200BMRBMRS250BMRBMRS315BMRBMRS375Geometric displacement(cm3 /rev.)3651.781.5102127.2157.2194.5253.3317.5381.4Max. speed (rpm)cont.1085960750600475378310240190155int.12201150940750600475385300240190Max. torque (N·m)cont.72100195240300360360390390365int.83126220280340430440490535495peak105165270320370460560640650680Max. output (kW)cont.8.59.512.51312.512.510765int.9.811.2151514.514139.598Max. pressure drop (MPa)cont.141417.517.517.516.5131197int.16.517.52020202019.5151310peak22.522.522.522.522.522.522.52019.515Max. flow (L/min)cont.40506060606060606060int.45607575757575757575Weight (kg) applicationShijiazhuang HanJiu technology co.. LTD.. is specialized in the production of BM series cycloid hydraulic motor. the BZZ redirector enterprise. my factory has dozens of high-quality. professional engineering and technical personnel. and more than in 2010. has introduced the most advanced production equipment. is in northern China's largest factories. production of more than 300000 units a year.My factory specializes in designing and producing the motors and steering gear of any type. from large to small. from low to high. and so on. And can replace danfoss. Eaton. M S series models. Products are widely used in engineering machinery. mining machinery. metallurgical machinery. petroleum machinery. agricultural machinery. injection molding machinery. fishery machinery. military engineering and other fields.My factory take the good faith first. quality first for the purpose. from the employee on-boarding. raw materials into the factory. from parts processing. assembly proposal until products. has a relatively perfect system of product quality. And through CE certification. Our factory is dedicated to the establishment of an internationally renowned brand. looking forward to the long-term cooperation with more demand of hydraulic products.Hanjiu: Hydraulic gear pump for any hydraulic system. our company uses high-end machine tools. excellence. the most humane service. manufacture and service the world. with good products and services to serve the world. welcome advice.Export manager: Emily XiaoShijiazhuang Hanjiu Technology Co.. ltd | Tel: 0086 311 6812306
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